Sex comic authors

Usually, the cartoonist or comic artist always come forward with their works. Yet when it’s adult or porn comics, they choose to remain hidden. Only the fans Sex comic sometimes know their names. Today to give them the tribute and respect they deserve to entertain us, we are presenting some brief Infos about sex-comic authors and their works.

Artdude41: He is very famous for his creations. The comic’s lovers are always waiting for any new series or stories as comics from him. Some of his well-known works are- kinky adventures bat vore, no escape- no surrender, carey the queen of escapology, battlelines, etc.

Nyom: Although we can’t decide the gender from the name honestly. But we are sure, all men and woman enjoy the comic he/she comes with. This author creates mainly the 3D style Stories. The comic’s characters created by him/her always seem human-like. Some of the popular comics from nyom are- little silly wishes, greedy growing babe, multimensional small, locker room, etc.

Minoru: He is another famous porn comic’s author, who loves to examine further for supplying sexual passions to his readers. With his exceptional 3D character design, he is a true artist and author for the porn comic society. Some of his porn comic’s are- russide, a moment when it was robbed, bad police, my wife never comes back, female teacher hiromi, badabing, and vavavavoom, etc.

Edgar rocha: This writer’s secret thought always presents the readers with unspoiled sex comics. With the hand-drawn pictures with excellent coloring, the edger is another best sex comic author we have seen. Some popular porn comics by ‘edgar rocha’ are- jessica green, wild wild west, the erotic adventures of candice, etc.

Miycko: Among the Sex comic authors, the miycko very much respectable author for the works. The porn comic’s lovers always love to read the kinky and sexy stuff by him. With his signature style, he creates different adult comics based on mainstream comic’s characters like- superman, wonder woman, etc. Some of his works are- raising boobsy, shao kahn’s supremacy, the clown princess of crime, an alien encounter, etc.

Gunner steve: He is another sex-comic author with potential. You may read some of his Lara croft adult comic’s creation. Some other examples of his works are- angkor, lara croft – the golden skull, brother from another mother, dirty fitness, etc.

Sparrow: Like the “Pirates of Caribbean movie’s captain jack sparrow,” this sex comic artist named sparrow is flying so high that no one can touch him. WIth crazy new story ideas and great dedication, he is one of the best authors we comic’s lovers got. Some of his popular comic’s are- just another night in arkham, a hard knight’s training, finders fee, etc.

In conclusion, we try to add some of the well-known writers who are working/ drawing/ creating a new story for the readers. Yet, we missed 99% of them, because we mentioned only a few. Thousands of sex comic authors working from the shadows, due to the present laws! In some countries, creating such content is punishable. We like to thank them all and also request you to thank them; thus, they can stretch their operations with a bright mind!