The faith of adult comics

Since the 19th century, the publishing of adult comics is proliferating. Although, like all other fields, this side of the art also faced many blocking and ups and downs! But due to the genuine effort from the writers and the readers, this industry is growing and flowing rapidly. Today, we will discuss the faith of adult comics, and where the path is leading for this industry.

A little bit of history: 

Indeed, the mainstream print media are not actively involved in publishing the pornographic level of adult comics, so there are many underground publishers, who printed and distributed the hardcopy of these adult comic’s magazines. The Comics Code Authority strongly banned the public distribution of pornographic comics, because the children are considered as the primary audience. For this reason, Mainstream publishers stop printing such material, whereas some underground comics groups and independent publishers are worked to publish these erotic comics for the readers. Some examples are- “Cherry” by Larry Welz, “Omaha the Cat Dancer” by Reed Waller and Kate Worley, etc! Now, with the age of the internet and computers, smart phones, the Availability of adult pornographic content is easy.


Current situation:

As mentioned earlier, with the fast growth of the internet and other supported digital platforms, adult comics shifted their path to modern platforms. Yes, they do get printed on paper, but the percentage is low. Now everyone loves to carry the digital version of their loving comics with them always. It is an easy and cheap process. Why? There are plenty of websites that allow users to read porn comics or adult comics for free. They even permit downloading the contents. Also, there are paid sites too, where you can get premium-looking comics. But when you are getting something for free, then why spend any money!


The Future:

The faith of the adult and sensitive comics is looking bright. With the digital platforms, the comic’s writers are also getting heir royalty from the respective websites and various print media. If you think how the sites are providing you the comics for free, when they are paying the artist for the adult comics, then the answer is simple. It’s the advertisement revenue and traffic! Like any other continents writers, the popularity of Japanese adult comics is also booming. The Japanese adult comics industry is severe, and the law does not bound them. So, many Female artists and writers even start creating such comics series. The Erotic comics industry is seeing its golden days, with the help of digital platforms and websites. Famous writers like- Spain Rodriguez, Horacio Altuna, Bill Ward, Milton Caniff, Richard Corben, Philippe “Zep” Chappuism, Howard Chaykin, Harvey Pekar, etc. are feeling pleased of it. These current works are also getting digitalized.


Last words:

If you are an adult comic’s lover, then you know the satisfaction level and pleasure addition rate when you read these comics. These adult comics are always considered as an art; where the story needed to be expressed by painting. Being a comics lover, we all should read more and appreciate the writer; thus, he or she will love to continue and gift us many sensual, sexually explicit adult comics!