Japanese manga comics

Naturally, there are many types of comics, and artwork formats are seen as our world art practice. A Japanese manga comic is one of the most popular models among them. Mixed with the Japanese culture and the other version, these comics are still exciting to read.

What is the Japanese manga comic?

The word manga means both comics and cartooning in japan. The Manga comics are types of graphic novels that are originated in Japan using the Japanese language. This unique art style developed in the late 19th century in japan. Undoubtedly, Japanese people have a vibrant and elaborate history in early-maturing art. 


Although, the manga culture is dated back to the 12th century, yet from the 19th century, the Japanese people start accepting and loving this format. Because these comics are drawn and written on the Japanese language, even children and other less educated people feel the connection with it. Manga writer’s like- Adam L. Kern, Kinko Ito, and Frederik L. Schodt, etc. are very famous and everyone loves to read the weekly published manga comics. Indeed, the female writes also started their journey. The Magnificent 24s created their first manga comic in 1969. Some of them are- Moto Hagio, Ryoko Yamagishi, Yumiko Ōshima, Riyoko Ikeda, and Keiko Takemiya.

Manga with other languages:

With the rapid popularity of manga comics, the journey is not stopped within the Japanese soil. This style starts going abroad. First, they are the literal translation of the existing comics. After seeing the popularity of other parts of the world, the Japanese writer’s start writing manga comics based on different plots, based on different countries. Also, the non-Japanese writers have adopted the style, and they also try to follow the manga culture and manner.

Manga adult comics:

Although, the primary readers of comic strips are children, yet adults are not far behind. Those who love to read the manga comics on their childhood enjoyed reading. With this in mind, a rapid flow of adult manga comics is started. Firstly, they are monsters and a little bit of sexuality on the manga comics. Later, we have seen many hardcore Manga adult comics. The publications are making tons of money while printing the adult versions of manga. Different magazines also published the manga and continue that on the Japanese language.

Digital media:

Those who don’t have the resources and money to travel japan and collect the manga comics physically, the internet is helping them a lot. With the popularity of printed manga comics, the digitalization is a matter of time. Many Japanese websites scanned the printed comics and uploaded that to their archive. Later as the popularity increase, the manga comics are also published by different non-japanese websites. Japanese adult manga comic strips and stories are like a hot cake nowadays.

However, some adult website charges money for the comics, but there are a few websites that also provide the comics for free. 8muses.com is the number one website that distributes the manga comics for free. With new sensual story and art formats, the Japanese manga comics are now a part of global comics activity that everyone appreciates!